• Hi Russell, I'm sorry your claim didn't have the outcome you had expected. In this situation, I recommend that you contact [email protected] with your claim number, and any other proof of ownership you have, such as a bank or credit card statement, and request that your case be reviewed. Thanks, Anna
    Reply from Insurance Representative
  • Your missing the whole point Anna, Like any policy it’s all down to the legal terms that the normal everyday person cannot understand it’s just a cop out for the insurance companies. Proof of ownership to me is completely different to proof of
    purchase like how many people do you know that have receipts or proof of purchase for the clothes they take away on holidays?
    Reply from Russell Atwell
  • Hi Russell, I'm not qualified to discuss the legal terms, but we do need evidence that the items being claimed for are yours, and all claims need to be evaluated in the same way to ensure the system is fair. This is why all claims are evaluated against the PDS. I have already forwarded your comments to the appropriate people, and they will definitely be considered. Unfortunately I'm not able to assess or make any decision or recommendation on your claim myself, which is why I directed you to [email protected], as they are able to re-investigate if you can provide the required proof. Thanks, Anna
    Reply from Insurance Representative