Rate & Review Guidelines

We provide Australians with insightful information on insurance providers with the ability to search and write reviews. Before posting a review on Compare Insurance, it is important that users read and agree to these guidelines. Reviews that do not meet these guidelines will not be published on the site.

Eligibility to review

  •   You must be a legitimate customer of the insurer to write a review.
  •   You must use a legitimate email address. This is for registration purposes only and will not be published on the site.
  •   You must not have a direct interest in the insurer you are reviewing. Employees, service providers and significant shareholders are not permitted to write a review.
  •   You must not impersonate, or mislead in relation to your association with a person or entity, or misrepresent the origin of the content.

Content guidelines

  •   Your review should be an honest and fair reflection of your experience as a customer.
  •   Your written comments should support your star ratings to assist others rather than confuse.
  •   Content containing swearing, profanity or offensive or threatening language will not be published.
  •   Reviews containing unsolicited advertising or promotions are not permitted.
  •   Avoid using ALL CAPS or placing strong emphasis on particular words. Using all caps is often perceived as shouting.

General guidelines

  •   Once a review has been submitted, we will check it to make sure it meets our review guidelines. If for any reason your review does not meet our guidelines, we'll notify you by email.
  •   All content on the Compare Insurance Rate and Review system represent the opinion(s) of the person submitting the content. The publishing of any such content does not mean that we vouch for the accuracy and authenticity, or endorse the opinions.
  •   Users can review an insurer in multiple insurance categories (e.g. travel, car, life etc) if they have more than one product with them. You cannot write multiple reviews for an insurer under one category.
  •   Compare Insurance reserves the right to remove content for any reason. It takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any content posted by you or any third party. You agree to indemnify for any loss or damage arising as a result of your breach of these terms.
  •   By submitting a review you agree to the Rate and Review Guidelines and other terms placed on the site; including but not limited to Terms of Use, FSG, Privacy Policy.

Insurer guidelines

  •   We provide insurers with the ability to reply to reviews posted. This provides the opportunity to dialogue with consumers in their chosen forum.
  •   You agree not to allow anyone with a direct interest in your business, such as employees, service providers and significant shareholders to rate you even if they are a legitimate customer.
  •   Comments must respond to a specific customer review. Unsolicited advertising and promotions is not permitted.

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