• suspicious review, no claims made but gives 10 out of 10 for claims experience. a second review on the same type of policy in the following month has N/A against claims experience, what gives?
    Reply from Mike
  • one thing is i have woolworths care insurance and life insurance cause we get a discount so as to life insurance , compared to real insurance who i was with are sooo much better in regards to costs.. so who u sign up with i dont care im just giving my review on woolworths insurance as a whole not just one item ..
    Reply from kelly stanford
  • this is really rude, ive been a member with woolworths insurance for a while..i have no idea what ur going on about ..i had someone hit me and my family , i was insured with woolworths insurance, i popped in a claim and was helped quickly..
    there is nothing suspicious , they were great..i dont know what u saw but i had a very detailed review on compare insurnace..
    i still stick with the 10/10 .. i dont care who ur insurance is with , all i know is they helped me and my family ..
    Reply from kelly stanford