• I had the exact same experience. YThey made me wait for three months. We were forced to cancel the flight because last minute my husband's job denied request. My husband company attempted to fight but AIG denied the request. Although by husbands company CEO attempted to request refund, AIG denied. DO NOT WAIT YOUR MONEY! THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY COMPLETE FRAUD
    Reply from Michelle Donoso
  • Even worse - they actually led me to believe my claim would be approved and so I spent hours and hours going through all of my travel expenses and converting the currencies and putting it into a spreadsheet to show all of the costs of accomodation and flights etc. So many emails back and forth to prove certain costs etc and then once that had all been finalised after months and months they tell me that my claim had been denied because of the very reason they had known from the beginning. Terrible!!!
    Reply from Bianca Michelle Beutel