• HI Charles - I had to make a medical claim too, as I forgot some prescription medication at home, and had to visit a doctor as soon as I landed. As it was a Sunday, I had to pay a whopping big expense. However, I kept all my receipts and Fast Cover paid me - no questions asked!
    Reply from Daina B
  • Wow Daina seems to be answering many negative posts with her many different positive stories about making different clams through this company . Either she's the most unlucky traveler on the planet or the Fastcover employee of the month . Give this woman a pay rise .
    Reply from Shane Smith
  • So many positive reviews. Its a bit sus normally you only see negative reviews as people that are happy rarely comment unless they have a really positive experience. A lot of comments here are because the web site is easy to use now that is sus
    Reply from Terry Anthony