• Hi Aislinn,

    Thank you for posting your review. Be it good or bad, reviews are always helpful for us to improve our service.

    Whilst PDS’ are lengthy documents, they are written to include all possible scenarios, so travellers are aware prior to purchasing their policy, what is and isn’t covered. As a general rule, if something isn’t specifically mentioned in the PDS as being covered, then it is NOT covered. We’ll do everything we can, but ultimately it is up to you as the traveller to determine whether the policy is right for you and your circumstances.

    We’ve been working hard and as fast as we can to help 1000’s of travellers come home to Australia, change travel date and put policies on hold. We’re sorry on this occasion we weren’t able to settle your claim as fast you’d have liked.

    If you are unhappy with the amount paid on your claim, as communicated with any claim settlement, you are always welcome to have the amount paid reviewed. Details can be found here: https://help.fastcover.com.au/article/630-i-am-not-happy-with-my-claim-outcome-what-do-i-need-to-do


    Reply from Fast Cover representative