• Thank you for taking the time to review. That is correct, the Australian travel insurance options will only activate as per the definition of a “Trip”, departing via public transport such as a Rental Car, Flights, Bus, Trains, BUT not personal vehicles including cars and motorcycles in Australia. Please refer to our FAQ & PDS page for further information or contact us on 03 9427 9224.
    Reply from Travel Insurance Saver representative
  • If you are resident in Australia using your own car travelling in Australia why would you even think you need travel insurance. Your car insurance and/medicare/private health insurance covers you in Australia. If you are a visitor to Australia then your travel insurance sourced from your own country would cover you.
    Reply from KS Palmer
  • Australians made domestic travels sometime by own cars & insurers made domestic travel policy (or annual worldwide travel policy with domestic trips included) & made money to cover to those. If you've good understanding on travel insurances, it covers items besides medical & car, eg trip cancellation, losses on hotel booking deposit. Some insurers will cover you even when you're using own car for domestic trave, I point out that TIS made specific definition for Trip. So, TIS will not cover you if you've to cancel your domestic hotel booking & lost the deposit (acceptable reasons by policy), because you're using own car. Study policy & various scenario before commenting!
    Reply from Teck