• Hi MAK1901,

    I'm sorry to hear that your claim breakdown was not clearly explained for you. We certainly do not wish to leave our customers in the dark about what has been reimbursed on their claim.

    I understand that the event you experienced was traumatic and you do not wish to draw it out any longer, however, I would appreciate it if you could please provide me with your policy or claim number so I can follow this up with the team for training and couching purposes. If you would like me to arrange for a member of the claims team to go over your claim settlement I can certainly put this in place for you.
    Thank you
    [email protected]
    Reply from 1Cover representative
  • Hello Sophie.

    Claim# 1CAU50020992.

    I think I've worked how it was all calculated. As mentioned above, I'm pleased we did get a payout but I just felt the whole process was a little cold and it I would have preferred a clear overview in the covering email that was sent to me. The email also had attachments but didn't outline what it meant (ie, why a cancelled night wasn't covered, but alternate accommodation was)?

    It's done and dusted now, and as stated in my review I knew there would be an offer for further assistance but I guess just a payment breakdown and a brief explanation will suffice.

    Reply from MAK1901