• Hi Sanger, this sounds terrible and understand where you are coming from. Im deciding whether or not to take insurance out with Insure and Go. My partner also has a pre-existing medical condition and I rang up Insure and Go and they said that as long as you declare the condition and they accept it, then you are covered for it in the policy. Out of curiosity, did you/your daughter declare her pre existing medical condition?
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  • Of course the company will insure you and your partner if you're both travelling. Our issue is that our daughter wasn't going with us, and you are not asked to tell the company about every condition everyone in your family not going with you might have.You can't cover people who aren't going with you. If your elderly mum had high blood pressure which was stable with medication, but she suffered a stroke while you're away and you must cancel your travel, it's tough luck, it's not covered. It sucks.
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  • Hi Sanger not sure if you will still get a notification about comments but I am looking at this too and wonder if you tried to argue the case with the Ombudsman? or if InsureandGo specified the clause? From my reading of the general exclusions maybe they could say she was on medication as per clause 2 but if she was on the same thing for 10 years it's not as if it's a change in the 90 days before the policy which seems to be the intent. And if she has been stable for over 10 years it might still be worth asking the Ombudsman about the definition of "unforseeable injury/illness" in Section A b. http://www.insureandgo.com.au/downloads/IG_MS_PW_CRS.pdf
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  • I was so sorry to hear your story, Yes they are heartless, they don't make their money from paying out claims that's for sure. Even with top gold cover they have so many tricky ways to get out of paying people out.
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