• Hi Simon, I'm sorry you've had a negative experience, and if you feel anyone was dishonest with you at any point, or to more generally lodge your complaint in a formal way, I would recommend you email [email protected], as your complaint will be officially lodged and reviewed. Thanks, Anna
    Reply from InsureandGo representative
  • Yeah as if an internal complaint to insure and go is going to be transparent. They won't even pay claims. Stay away from insure and go as they are scammers posing as a insurance travel company.
    Reply from Adam Watts
  • Correct Adam, they are nothing short of Thieves, taking advantage of hard working Aussies
    when things are already bad enough, Insure and go are plain and simple BOTTOM FEEDERS.
    Reply from Simon Rothall
  • Don't make the mistake of going to T(r)ick Insurance.
    Same mob, same 'complaints department', even same girl with pathetic "I'm sorry" replies. They try to catch disgruntled suckers either way.
    All underwritten by Mitsui Sumitomo!
    Reply from GREG.