• Dear Paul, I'm glad you found a resolution, but I should confirm that as each case is unique, the resolution will be different from case to case. Thanks, Anna
    Reply from InsureandGo representative
  • Thanks Anna for your usual reply.
    I just wanted to let the general public know that You can get a unused policy refunded.
    But insureandgo doesn't make it easy.
    You have so many hoops for people to jump through, then you keep shutting the door. I guess your company is hoping that the refund process is too hard & the policy owner gives up.
    Reply from Paul
  • Hi Paul, I can confirm that our position is not to offer refunds, and to clarify, most clients will not be able to receive a refund for their policy. In the rare cases where refunds are offered, it is because of the individual's circumstances and the context of their case. Thanks, Anna
    Reply from InsureandGo representative
  • Thanks for clearing up your company's view in regards to refunds.
    All I want to get out there is, if someone thinks insureandgo isn't treating them in a fair & reasonable manner. They need to contac AFCA and lodge their complaint.
    This will get insureandgo to come up with a resolution to the complaint.
    If not AFCA can introduce a fine for not resolving the complaint.
    This is much more a fairer way then following insureandgo's own complaint department.
    Reply from Paul
  • Good on you! Notice that she tried to scare people off from taking it any further?
    "Complaints Department my a***! They would have total impartiality of course.
    Will be mentioning that in future that they investigate themselves. Give me a break!
    Reply from GREG.
  • Hi Greg,
    I was successful in having insureandgo return my premium for my unused policy.
    Yes it took along time BUT I was persistent with phone calls & emails.
    I was chasing the FAIR outcome.
    Reply from Paul