• Hi there, I'm very sorry that you haven't been able to get through previously and for the delays in getting back to you, if you call on 1300 401 177 and select the options relevant to you, our team should be able to help you, although there may be a hold time. Thanks, Anna
    Reply from InsureandGo representative
  • Been there; Done that.
    Still no conversation.
    I've been thrust out of claims and into dispute resolution with no direct communication except a website promise of a 5 day response time - now I'm on day 14 of that procedure.
    No confirmation that my complaint has been received or is in process or even the usual "So sorry...covid-19... blah blah". None of the usual courtesies or standard professional business communication or even the usual impersonal cut-and-paste form letters they've fobbed me off with for the past nearly 5 months.
    Just nothing.
    Still furious.
    Reply from Furious
  • Same company as T(r)ick Insurance, Mapfre. Even the same person answering the complaint. Couple of them sitting in a bedroom in the Phillipines in front of a computer, being paid piecemeal for any claims they can dodge. We are the mugs.
    Reply from GREG.
  • Thanks GREG. I'll make sure to avoid anything to do with Mapfre from now on.
    Btw two weeks and two promises later - STILL NO REPLY OR RESPONSE OF ANY KIND!
    Why does our country allow these scammers to trade here?
    Reply from Furious
  • Get on to AFCA, your ombudsman, make an enquiry at Slater and Gordon.
    The more complaints the better. S&G are considering a class action against airlines for only offering credits, if you don't want or cannot use them. Maybe they will consider the travel industry if enough interest is shown.
    Reply from GREG.
  • I had used them previously but no customer loyalty here. After not honouring my claim I submitted a review on another forum - they reopened my case, strung me along for another couple of months, then refused payment again, they are a mob of shonks do not use them.
    Reply from andrew