• Elders / QBE sucks - AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE - they screwed us big time - it wasn't travel insurance - it was for my self-employed husband who has worked his guts out with hard physical work all his life and the first and only claim under public liability claim - they refuse to accept.
    For many years took all the insurance premiums and the one and only claim we have ever had DENIED - avoid Elders/QBE like the plague - they treated us in 'bad faith' - maybe one day in the future we will gain the will to sue them for Bad Faith on rejecting our insurance claim.
    Reply from Diane
  • What a fort QBE travel Insurance is - so you take out a policy report asthma as an existing condition - so they limit the claim possibility - Then you have a different medical condition surface After they Issue your Certificate - Now if during our holiday I experience a problem relating to this issue - I am not insured for it!!!!!! Never again QBE !!!!!
    Reply from Carole