• Totally agree
    I have had no satisfaction and am contacting the ACCC and insurance ombudsman
    Not providing refund is stealing
    Most other insurance companies with integrity are giving full refunds
    Reply from Karen Dumma
  • Hi Guys - first up, really sorry, but you've slipped through the cracks, only just spotted these emails. We contract a travel based call centre in Sydney to handle calls, and it looks like they pretty much collapsed, so a lot of customers had trouble getting through. We've dealt with a ton of refund requests, however - but for you both having just left reviews, I only just spotted them now. I think I've found your contact info Karen, after a bit of a search, but I can't find anything for JR.
    Karen: I'll email you today to sort out a refund
    JR: could you please email [email protected], and I'll assist you ?
    Anybody else: if you've made a refund request that has been ignored, again I'm terribly sorry, but parking apologies to one side, could you please email the above address with your info and I'll get you sorted out !
    All the best, and again - I apologise on behalf of STI and our partners about how this sorry situation has played out.
    Kind Regards
    Reply from Simply Travel Insurance representative