• My car was sideswiped in a car park. I was asked for bank statements and phone call records. They breached the privacy act and knocked back my claim. Car a right off and no money. They r rude and r thieves. Waste of time and money. Wouldn't waste my time with these idiots
    Reply from John
  • 9 out 10 claims rejected. Repairers hate dealing with them. They don't give u a choice of repairer they send u to a cheap repairer. With any insurance u have the choice of repairer and tow truck OF YOUR CHOICE that's the law
    Reply from John
  • Thanks for your comments I am with Coles Insurance and thought to Wollies a chance with their price beat guarantee
    Just screwed up their quote and put it in the bin. Not going to risk insuring with this company. Most reviews appear bad thanks for the information
    Reply from Russell Gardiner