• Unfortunately my experience with Medibank Private Pet Insurance is not good. Nothing but trouble ... they don't want to pay any claims but they don't mind taking your premiums. Very disappointing.
    Reply from Lorraine Patricia
  • Have not had good experience with this company unfortunately. Nothing but trouble.
    Reply from Lorraine Patricia
  • Unfortunately our experience with Medibank Travel Insurance was very stressful. My poor husband had a stroke and spent 42 days in hospital after we booked accommodation in Spain.
    I sent nearly 20 pages of documentation to Medibank including signed forms from his doctor of many years and was still requested to supply more information!
    The Medibank delay of 12 business days between communications is not professional. This stalling tactic is not on by a company that promotes itself by being the BEST.
    Buyer beware certainly applies in this case.
    Reply from Brigitta Davis