• Hi Djsson, I'm sorry you found the claims process frustrating and protracted. In order to fairly evaluate every claim, we do ask for a few items of evidence to be supplied, but here it seems we requested information that had already been supplied, and I apologise for this - I will definitely pass on your feedback about this and your claims experience in general. We aim to process claims quickly, and I'm sorry your experience here was seemingly anything but. Can you please send me your policy or claim number so I can discuss this further with the claims team? Thanks, Anna
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  • Thankyou for your reply TICK Travel Insurance] Re: 119007093
    I sent 16 documents, three times our "Holiday from Hell" where we missed most of it due to sickness and went to a medical centre costing us hundreds of dollars so that we could prove how ill we both had been as were unable to see a doctor previously and also spent four hours in an outpatients in Lisbon. Your company had no intention of refunding any monies why string it out? Our travel agent advised us that "interruption of trip" and "out of pocket expenses" is covered in the Insurance they offer but we took yours instead.
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