• Hi PennyDragon, I'm sorry your claim didn't have the outcome you had hoped for. Unfortunately, we must evaluate all claims against the PDS to ensure everyone's claim is assessed fairly, and we do take depreciation into account, as things lose value over time. But if you feel like your claim was dealt with unfairly in any way, I would recommend that you contact [email protected] This will trigger a review of your case by a team that is independent of the claims team. I hope this helps. Thanks, Anna
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  • Thanks Anna

    My claim has been reviewed and outstanding amounts still not paid after five weeks.
    I have used other firms and never experienced such poor service or value. Needless to say I will never use Stick Travel again, or recommend it to anyone.

    Reply from PennyDragon
  • Hi PennyDragon, I'm sorry that you had a bad experience, and your feedback will be passed on to the right people. Thanks, Anna
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