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No matter whether you’re a new start-up or you’ve been operating for years, it’s important to protect your company from unexpected events. Find the right insurance for your organisation by reading our top tips so you can get on with running your day-to-day business knowing you are protected.

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Mobile phone insurance: A hassle or an essential move?

If you've ever lost a mobile phone or had it stolen, you'll know how important mobile phone insurance is.

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Understanding the need for cyber insurance in today's world

The Internet has changed every aspect of how people live their lives. While it provides many benefits, numerous dangers also lurk on the web. Because of data breaches, information hacks an... Read more.

What is business insurance and do I need It?

To a business owner, your organisation is so much more than a source of income. It embodies years, sometimes generations, of hard work and devotion. It is the livelihood of the owner and employees. ... Read more.

When mistakes happen there's professional indemnity insurance!

Mistakes happen. Professional indemnity insurance protects individual professionals, small businesses, and large companies to provide their services without fear of being sued for an error.

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The lowdown on tax audit insurance

An unexpected tax audit threatens the vitality of a business. The cost of dealing with such an event in fees and time lost can throw anyone off track. Tax audit insurance eliminates this form of ris... Read more.

Public liability insurance 101

Running a business and knowing you are providing an excellent product to society can be a fulfilling experience. Even with the highest standards of service, however, there is still the risk that eve... Read more.

What is management liability insurance and do I need it?

Being in a management position involves a lot of responsibilities and a lot of risks. Making the wrong decision or even being viewed as failing to live up to incredibly high standards of conduct can... Read more.

The ins and outs of product liability insurance

In a perfect world no one would be harmed by faulty machinery, software products would never infect a personal computer, and no one would ever get sick from purchasing expired food that a ... Read more. offers a free comparison service that allows users to compare quotes in a few simple steps. All information provided should be considered general in nature and not personal to individuals' circumstances. The results do not include all insurance companies in the market. Compare Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 84 145 649 547 is an authorised representative AR 444349 under CoverDirect's AFSL 383590.