• I'm a little lost with what you're trying to say. But by the looks of it you're implying is not correct. The only person who would have been affected by the above matter is your daughter. And the only part of the policy which she would have been excluded from would have been the pre-existing medical condition. If she had gotten sick for another reason, unrelated to the pre-existing medical condition, she would have still been covered. Likewise for all over coverage on the policy, such as travel delays, luggage etc. Who ever has told you the information you're implying has given you a bum steer.
    Reply from Neil
  • Hi Neil. This reply is rather belated some what! I did not get my daughter's travel policy form Budget Direct. I got my policy only through Budget Direct. Yes my daughter would have been covered on her policy with another travel insurance company. I was informed by a Budget Direct consultant that Budget Direct would not have honoured my policy if I had cancelled of my trip in order to support my daughter, if her illness was due to her pre-existing condition. Why? Because I was aware of her pre-existing condition. I now get my travel insurances for both my daughter and myself at the same travel insurance provider so there is no longer a problem. Hope this helps to explain!
    Reply from Susan
  • I think the moral of the story is that it is up to the Customer to read the PDS and the 'fine print' as you call it where it clearly states that they will not cover a pre-existing medical condition of yourself, anyone travelling with you or anyone at home that may fall ill and cause you to cancel or change your travel plans. This is why the product is such a cheap price.
    Reply from Andrea Whyte
  • My father passed away while we were overseas in May 2017 and because he had been prescribed medication between April and November 2016 it fell 90 days before we took out the insurance, even though we had no knowledge of his medication. They refuse to reimburse our travel expenses! Shocking policy! Do travellers have to get family and friends to disclose any medication before they travel. What happened to unexpected events? If we knew he was at risk we wouldn't have gone. He was 84 years old and living at home.
    Reply from Peter F Jasper