• HI James, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you had this experience when requiring assistance and understand your frustration. Our Travel Insurance offers 24 hour medical and emergency telephone assistance, who are available to assess your situation and guide you through the process and to assess your claim within a timely manner. Could you please send me your details and infromation to [email protected] and we can follow this up for you? (For your privacy, please do not respond to this comment with your personal details)
    Reply from Budget Direct representative
  • Oh, concerned now are you?

    See you in court.
    Reply from James
  • Hi James,
    I strongly recommend 1Cover.
    They are with you all the way.

    Good luck with whatever you pursue.
    Reply from Tracey.H
  • You can take your strong recommendation and shove it, ALL Australian travel insurance is junk.
    Reply from James
  • I am so happy I took the time to read the reviews you guys are posting. I will definitely look for travel insurance elsewhere now.
    Reply from Reinhard Kirchner
    Reply from Kirk Anderson