• Hi Ian, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your claims experience, as our aim is to respond in a timely manner. Our claims are assessed in line with the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of the policy. Could you please send your details, information and reference to this review to [email protected] so this can be followed up further.
    Reply from Budget Direct representative
  • Hi Ian, make a claim directly to the AFCA but prior to doing so send a complaint to the underwriters of your policy. Probably Auto & General. Budget Direct keep directing you to make your complaints to the IDR-Committee but again this is just them wasting your time. If you don't make a claim to the underwriters the AFCA will have to give them even more time to respond. Keep at it, we've all got the same issues. It's ridiculous what Budget Direct are doing and from my experience with other travellers in the group, they're the only ones not paying out due to travel credits which basically can't be used. Good luck.
    Reply from Karen D'Angola
  • Karen D'Angola is correct in that your attempts to have us direct the issue to [email protected] is a complete waste of time. I sent in everything that the IDR Committee request and got a reply that said:

    "As per the terms and conditions of the insurance policy you will receive a response by 02/08/2020, 45 calendar days after the initial complaint lodgement."

    It is now 5 days past that deadline and I have heard nothing. Budget Direct have to be the worst insurer known to mankind. Their actions border on criminal practices.
    Reply from Ian Mathieson