• Hi Robert, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and we are sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction. We have forwarded this onto the appropriate department to review and contact you in due course regarding this matter.
    Reply from Budget Direct representative
  • As you will note I have gone through the BD appeal process. It staggers me that you will not pay when the Policy Document for my insurance states “We will pay a benefit under this Section if the cancellation of your trip is necessary and unavoidable as a result of….you being unable to travel because of travel restrictions imposed on you after an epidemic…”
    BD has proved to me to be neither fair nor reasonable and I hope people read about my experience. I would be happy to update this review when BD honours its policy document!
    Reply from Robert
  • One day before a deadline set by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority for Budget Direct to respond, the company settled my claim in full.

    It should never have got to this point as the claim was honest, fair and 100% in accord with the police conditions,
    Reply from Robert