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Buy travel insurance direct and save

Buying travel insurance directly is by far the cheapest way to buy your policy.

Many travellers like the idea of buying a policy when they book a holiday or a flight just by simply ticking a box, but this supposed convenience comes at a price.

Airlines, travel agents and travel companies charge up to 50% commission on their policies. So avoid high commissions and buy travel insurance direct as the cost will be significantly cheaper.

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t purchase through a travel agent including:

  • Travel agents only offer travel insurance plans that earn the best commissions.
  • You will only have one choice of provider as travel agents tend to have deals with a particular insurer.
  • Travel agents are not licensed insurance agents.
  • Be sure that what you are buying is genuine  – some travel agents may offer travel protection which do not have the full insurance benefits
  • A travel agent’s protection plan may not be backed by a legitimate underwriter

Want to pay a cheaper premium? Save more money for your well-deserved holiday and buy travel insurance direct.

Online travel insurance

Wouldn’t you know! Purchasing your travel insurance online is a great way to save. There are specialist online only companies who offer good discounts.

First of all, when you shop online you can compare policies from all the different insurers out there without even moving from your seat. Forget trying to manage office hours and pushy salespeople, the information is all online, easily accessed and easier than ever to compare. You can use our comparison engine which compares quotes over 20 of Australia’s insurers, in one place.

Buying a policy over the internet only takes a matter of minutes, and if you still have any doubts you can always phone the company’s call centre and have your questions answered before you hand over your credit card details.  Compare travel insurance online today and spend the time and money you save on your holiday instead.

For more ways to save, read our guide to cheap travel insurance.

Start comparing policies now and buy your travel insurance direct online today.