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Compare travel insurance

compare travel insurance

Compare travel insurance quotes and find the right policy for your next holiday.

Finding the the right policy can seem daunting when you’re bombarded with companies to choose from.

It can be very time consuming shopping around different websites to find the right insurer, so being able to see a range of options available to you in one place is a huge bonus!

Whatever your holiday, whether you're city hopping around Australia or taking a gap year helps you to compare travel insurance policies for your needs and budget.

So why compare travel insurance?


Our site lets you compare affordable quotes from some of Australia's trusted brands quickly and easily.  

Don’t visit a bunch of different websites separately. With our simple form you'll get quotes from over 20 of our participating travel insurers in seconds. Whether you want to go with brands like 1Cover, American express, Virgin MoneySimply Travel Insurance or Zoom Travel Insurance you’ll be able to sort by customer ratings, excess amount and price to see the most important features that matter to you.

Remember the cheapest policy is not always best, you should compare benefits too. On our site you can also view up to 3 policies side-by-side to make it even easier to compare features and spot the differences.  

So whether you’re looking for a backpacker policy or a winter sports one, we’ve got products to suit everyone. Yippee!


We have heaps and heaps of travel insurance reviews that you can read to help you make an informed decision before you buy. See Aussie travel insurer’s scores based on value for money, claims experience and customer service – you could even write your own review on your previous insurer too.


Our travel insurance comparison allows you to save time and money by comparing travel insurance quotes from a range of Australian insurers that match your needs and budget.

All the prices you see on here are the same as going direct, we don’t mark up any of the prices you see on our site. Just remember that we don't compare all the insurers in the market though.


You can use for free. Our job is to find you a cheap policy that’s suited to your needs so you don’t end up paying for extras that you don’t need.

What should you look for when comparing travel insurance policies?

Your needs

When buying your policy, the most important aspect is to make sure you buy enough cover. The last thing you want is to be overseas and realise you’re not insured. Consider your needs – if you’re doing winter sports, look for a policy that covers skiing and snowboarding activities. If you’re going on a golfing holiday – find out if your golf clubs are insured automatically – you might need to pay extra. Not all pre-existing medical conditions are covered as standard. It pays to research and ask a few questions before you buy to make sure you have adequate cover for your trip.

Benefit limits and exclusions

Not all insurance is the same, and different insurers have different levels of benefit cover and exclusions to pay attention to.

Our comparison makes it easy to compare benefits, but it’s not so easy to compare exclusions. We provide links to all of our participating insurers Product Disclosure Statement's which highlight all the details of each policy. You should always read this before you purchase to understand the limits and exclusions.

Emergency assistance

24/7 emergency medical assistance is a vital component of your insurance. All insurers who participate in our comparison offer this service.


Excess is the first amount you pay for each claim you make. If excess is important to you, then use our sortable columns to compare the varying amounts you'll have to pay per policy. You can sometime remove excess by paying more upfront.


It is just as important to check who the underwriter is of the brand you’re comparing. You can find out who-underwrites-who in our travel insurance quote results page ‘more’ section.

Every policy is different so make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement carefully before you buy any policy.

Start to compare travel insurance quotes now and see if you find the right policy for your next holiday!