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Car insurance checklist

car insurance checklist

When it comes to car insurance in order to get an accurate quote you need to answer a few questions first.

Whether you're insuring a new car for the first time, or renewing a policy, having a checklist will help make sure you get the most accurate quote and find the best deals on your car insurance.

Don't waste time and money, folllow our car insurance checklist so you can apply for car insurance quickly and easily.

Here's what to get ready before you compare car insurance quotes:

  • Personal information
    Have your contact details and address at hand

  • Details of the car
    What type of car do you have? What's the registration number?

  • Driving licence
    What type of license do you hold and how long have you had it for?

  • Safety features
    Is your car fitted with an immobilizer or alarm?

  • Parking
    Where is the vehicle kept when you are not using it?

  • Value
    How much is your car worth?

  • Driving history
    You'll need to provide any past accidents information

  • No claims bonus
    How long has it been since you have made a claim? Make sure you have this information ready as it could save you lots of $$!

  • Named drivers
    Provide details of anyone else you want to drive the vehicle

  • Vehicle use
    Do you use your car for personal use, business, or a bit of both?

  • Kilometres
    How far do you drive on average? Work out your average week and multiply it by 52 if you're not sure. Look at what the kilometre clock says in the car. Or use our handy car insurance kilometer calculator to help you instead

  • Finance
    How did you pay for the car? Is the car financed or leased?

  • Be honest
    If you've had any speeding tickets, points, or disqualifications in the last 5 years you'll need to provide the details

  • Fine print
    Always read the product disclosure statement (PDS) before signing any documentation so you know what you're buying

  • Payment
    Finally, be ready with your credit card!

Great, you should have everything you'll need. Start comparing car insurance quotes now.