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If you're living on your pension these days, the last thing you need is expensive car insurance premiums.

Insurance companies use many different factors to calculate premiums and your age is just one of them.

The good news for over 50’s is that car insurers recognise you as less likely to make a claim and therefore reward seniors with lower premiums. Driving for many years and having long standing no claims discounts will also help to lower the cost of car insurance for over 50’s.

It’s not just age that effects your premium, there are other ways to keep your insurance costs down such as keeping your vehicle secure, paying a voluntary higher excess or limiting the amount of kilometres you drive. See our guide on cheap car insurance for more ways you can save.

For obvious reasons, seniors’ car insurance premiums are unlikely to be low if you have a fast sports car. The insurer will class you as a higher risk due to the fact that your vehicle is more likely to be stolen or involved in an accident.

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Most people do not realise you don’t need to wait until your policy is about to expire to change your policy. For cheap over 50’s car insurance use our free comparison engine and compare seniors friendly car insurance quotes today.

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